Empire State Humane Voters

About Us

Empire State Humane Voters was launched in Spring 2017. ESHV’s mission is to elect candidates who support animal protection, lobby for stronger laws to stop animal cruelty, and hold elected officials accountable to humane voters.


We founded this organization because New York State has a dire need for a multi-issue political advocacy group specifically for animal protection. Filling this need is especially crucial, considering the current political climate. If we want to stop the endless cycle of cruelty to animals, we need to change our laws to protect them in the first place — or we’ll just keep chasing our tail. (Pun intended) And to do that, we need to elect compassionate people, train animal advocates to run for office, and organize humane voters.

ESHV is an organization for the animals, by the people. Everyone is welcome here. We need all paws on deck, so please join our email list, or sign up to volunteer.


  • Allie Feldman Taylor, Founder
  • John Phillips
  • Matthew Dominguez
  • Michelle Aptman
  • Joyce Friedman
  • Scott Taylor